Club Programs

Our club wear program is designed to give clubs - big and small - the opportunity to source a catalogue of quality made products at competitive prices from a trusted source.

We offer jackets, pants and accessories that can be customized with your club logo, team name, and the skater's name. Several brands are available including Mondor, Royal Alexandra, Stormtech, Guru, Roots and more. Everything is customized for your club or team. We also offer a wide range of skating accessories including tights, blade covers and skate guards at competitive prices when ordered in large quantities (minimum 9 pairs per order). 

It is as simple as 1, 2, 3. 

1.      Contact us for jackets samples that you can use to determine the correct size for each and every member.

2.      Select and approve embroidery sample

3.      Report listing member’s name, size and confirmation that the member has tried on the jacket to verify size.




To order or obtain more information call us at 1-877-236-1377 or email us at [email protected].