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Jackson Ultima

Jackson Ultima is a global leader in figure skate boots and blades. Their expertise and passion for the sport is embodied in Jackson Ultima's commitment to technology that enhances the performance of the world's leading skaters. The Company also offers a complete rang of recreational figure and leisure skates to enhance the pleasure and enjoyment of all skaters. For more information, visit their website at†.


At Gam,†they recognize that support and comfort are the main functions skaters expect from their boots. That is why they use leather exclusively as the basic component in boot construction. Leather is the ideal material to use for fit and comfort. GAM pioneered the bi-dimensional LAST, increasing stability and reducing injuries caused by friction during the execution of jumps and other technically demanding skate moves. Since there are different levels of skating and different types of skaters, GAM offers a full range of models to meet the demands involved in each of the stages of figure skating. For more information visit their website at .


From the smooth glide of a Sunday afternoon skate to the rigors of competition which demand beautiful artistry and flawless technique, Riedell has the skate that is absolutely perfect for you. Riedell skates are designed by master boot-makers who carefully choose the finest materials for stunning combinations of beauty and performance. For more information visit their website at .


Risport skates are manufactured in Italy. Risport is a leading international manufacturer of figure skates. Technological research, infinite passion and fine craftsmanship distinguish Risport boots, always worn by the world's top athletes. For more information visit their website at†.


Buying hand crafted Harlick skating boots assures you of over 70 years of design knowledge, research, and experience built into each boot. Since it's foundation, Harlick and Company has been the leader in new boot design developments in the skating industry. Our designers continuously work side by side with skaters and industry professionals to maintain Harlick's high standards and goals - to make and sell the boot of perfection. Harlick custom boots are as unique as each skater who buys and wears them. We offer individually, hand designed boot patterns, uppers to match precise foot measurements, and personalized lasts for custom fit. In addition to custom fit design, Harlick custom boots offer a variety of options to suit your skating needs. Choose from orthopedic ankle padding, special tongue padding, scalloped insteps for flexibility, various ankle strengths for just the right support, soft skating orthotics and many other custom options. All work together to create the perfect boot for you. For more information visit their website at .

SP Teri

The SP Teri LAST allows the skater`s foot to lay flat in the boot for maximum comfort and control. Since 1963 the LAST has been modified three times to keep step† with the evolution of the human foot. For control, SP Teri has always realized that skaters need a boot the fits snugly but not tightly. That`s why, instead of a pointed toe which can cramp the foot, our LAST is designed with a rounded toe box. It allows the goot to get close to the end or the boot without squeezing the second, third and fourth toes. The arch of the SP Teri boots has been redesigned to accommodate the lower arches of today`s skaters. SP Teri boot`s heel pitch allows the skater to balance at the center of the blade. A boot with a high heel shifts the skater`s weight to the toe picks and a low heel throws the weight back.† The heel in the SP Teri boots is designed narrow to hold the foot more securely. Ansd the back curve holds the heel in a snug position for jumping control. For more information visit their website at .


Wifa is a world-wide leader in the manufacture of skating boots. They offer a comprehensive program for all skaters, beginner or competitive, professional or recreational. Their skates are manufactured in Austria. For more information visit their website at .


Edea skates are manufactured in Italy. A thorough study on the requirements of figure skating took†them to search technical solutions and new materials. For more information visit their website at .


Graf Canada designs and manufactures professional figure skates. For more information visit their website at†.

Skate Blades


To design a blade that is specific to figure skating requires much mor than the knowledge of the materials used in its manufacturing. Each rocker, pick and angle that make up the blade must meet the characteristics inherent to the different techniques and skill level of each individual figure skater. Using cutting edge manufacturing techniques Gam designers have been able to implement parameter variations for each blade size so the skater does not need to adapt his/her technique to accommodate a disproportionate blade. Intermediate blades are available in straight cut and cross cut picks. Advanced blades†in††stainless steel are maintenance free and are made of harder steel for longer edge life. Variable stanchion heights are available to meet various skill levels. For more information visit their website at .


All† ISE blades are crafted in Canada from the finest steel for high performance and durability. They are designed by skating professionals specifically for today's serious skaters. For more information visit their website at .

John Wilson

For more than 300 years, John Wilson has crafted its blades with the optimal balance between high technology and high-touch hand finishing. With an unwavering commitment to research, design and technology, John Wilson crafts its blades from the highest steel quality to create the finest figure blade available. Every John Wilson blade is produced using laser technology for unmatched precision on the ice. The process commences with laser cutting to guarantee blade geometry accuracy to 0.004 inches (the thickness of a human hair). State of the art surface treatments and coatings ensure a premium quality blade.† For more information visit their website at .


Mk blades are produced in the United Kingdom by expert craftsmen using only the highest quality materials. Superior hardened steel and state of the art technology create a true competitive edge. Our unwavering attention to detail is reflected in the 52-step manufacturing process whick includes six hardening and tempering practices. Each blade is built according to the highest standards, scientifically hardened and precision-sharpened for optimum skating edge and unparalleled on-ice feel. Surface treatments and† coatings ensure a premium quality figure blade skaters can excel on. For more infomation visit their website at .

Jackson Ultima

ULTIMA Blades have proven themselves at the highest levels of competition.†Jackson Ultima`s†commitment is to long term leadership in the premium segment of the figure skate industry. Ultima blades are backed by Jackson Ultima's reputation for product quality, service and value. For more information visit their website at .


The Matrix 2 blades are up to 33% lighter than traditional blades, which reduces fatigue and increases performance. The chassis is made of aluminum, extruded and milled to increase cosmetic appeal and further reduce the overall weight. The runner is made of stainless steel and is inset into the chassis using 3 axels made of aluminum. Blade specifications and pÓck patterns are the same as on the traditional Ultima blades. For more information visit their website at .


Paramount Skates is pleased to be marketing a new series of figure skating blades that define the state of the art in figure skate design. Utilizing advanced materials and manufacturing techniques, they are lighter, stiffer, stronger, and hold an edge better than conventional blades. On top of that, they are made of non-rusting materials, are available in colours, and are strikingly beautiful. The new blades use a frame that is computer machined from a solid piece of high strength aluminum alloy. Use of this material results in a blade that weighs up to 50% lighter than a conventional blade. Its unique diamond-shaped cross section provides strength that significantly exceeds conventional blades, as well as superior stiffness, so that the skater's energy goes into their skating, not the blade. Use of aluminum for the frame also allows it to be anodized in a number of attractive colours. Currently available are light blue, light pink, light purple, black and white, with more on the way. Custom colouring is available at an extra cost. Attached to the frame is a runner made of a high strength and exceptionally durable stainless steel alloy. In addition to resisting rust and other corrosion, thisalloy offers superior edge retention. Skaters get 80 hours on the 420SS and 120 hours on the 440SS between sharpenings. Because both the frame and the blade runner are fabricated using high-precision computer-controlled machining equipment, the skater can be assured that every Paramount blade will be exactly like every other Paramount blade of that model. Skaters who have tried the new blades typically remark on their lightness and quickness, how quiet they are and how fast they are. On the freestyle models, skaters frequently comment on how well the pick "sticks" on toe jumps and how secure these takeoffs feel. For more information visit their site at